NEW: Introducing Planner 📆
Never miss another customer with Planner.
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Planner is a request tracking and planning tool within Inbox that lets MSPs plan when work can be accomplished. With Planner, you can plan which day a thread should be tackled and set a time for down-to-the-minute scheduling. Planner is Thread's approach to the well-embraced practice of "scheduling" tickets and is designed with decades of Agile best practices in mind.
  • Plan when work is done
    Plan threads for specific days and set exact times to ensure the right technician is assigned at the right time. Planning lets you create deeper accountability and avoid missed meet-ups or deadlines.
  • Triage with a single click
    : Drag newly-created threads from Triage into Backlog to tackle them on your own time, or drop them into your teammate's day space to create a plan. Assign and schedule work with a single click.
  • Dispatch with
    Review your team’s backlog in a simple Kanban-style view to load-balance your team's work and create capacity. Planner arms Dispatchers, Service Managers, and Team Leads with a turn-key and easy-to-embrace tool to design how their squads get work done.
  • Sync with your tools in real-time
    : Planner automatically syncs with your PSA to keep your organization updated in real-time and makes transitions seamless across for your organization. Existing PSA integrations with Microsoft Outlook keep your calendars updated in real-time.
🌍 Planner is available to select Partners through early Beta Access and will be made available for General Availability in the coming weeks. Reach out to Thread to request Beta access.